torsdag 4. oktober 2012

Funny thought

Hei, hei.
Jeg har lyst å legge noe morsomt i dag. Her er min "Hagegutt". Han sittet på banken ute i hagen vår  i nesten to år. I går fant jeg at han ble ødelagt, men det er greit. Det skal lages noe annen i framtiden:)))

There may be two people who have been dealt the same cards in life. Two individuals with all the same life circumstances. One is miserable, stressed out, and looks twenty years older than he is. The other is the happiest guy you could ever meet and looks twenty years younger than he is. How can this be? The answer is that it is not our life circumstances that make life difficult rather it is the attitude that we view our lives with. Those who are capable of seeing the humor in life and take life lightly will be able to do the best with the circumstances they have been given.

Jeg syns at det er veldig godt sagt:)))
Tak for besøket.
Mvh, Yulia.

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